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01. M&M = Music & Movies
02. I don’t know how to play any single musical instrument. I’d love to play drums!
03. I hold a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo
04. I’m crazy about sports (Baseball, Tennis, Basket, Soccer, Olympics)…although only play some
05. I studied Agronomy for 3 years in a boarding school. Agronomy & Computers… see the connection?
06. I got 27/100 in math test prior to becoming a math Olympiad candidate and winning the 3rd place.
07. Sometimes I write erotic “poems”
08. I love Sundays at home… with nothing to do
09. I broke my little finger in a bar fight
10. I’m a time maniac…I try to squeeze every second. E.g. going to the toilet without something to read, a Sudoku or my laptop is a waste of time!
11. My son is the most beautiful kid in the world!
12. I barely can keep a phone talk for more than 5 minutes
13. Freedom…the story of my life.
14. Most people can’t guess my age.. and barely can accept I’m still single and studying!
15. First thing in the morning: COFFEE…Without it I’m a half-man
16. I respect other people’s time, so I’m usually punctual (stole this one from Sebastian)
17. Fake people make me sick… and I can detect them easily!
18. I have nothing against marriage…I’m still unmarried though!
19. I’m as pickier as Seinfeldl!… I can’t stand women with unclean hair, nails or teeth.
20. It’s always time for Steak, Ice Cream & Bananas
21. Between breast and buttocks… BUTTOCKS all the way!
22. Midnight Express: the first film I remember I watched in the movies. Don’t ask me who had the idea of taking such a little boy to watch that kind of movie.
23. Life is a movie, be aware the director (God) can kick your ass out of it any time!
24. I always look for a good reason behind questionable actions of others.
25. I love dancing, although it’s a vertical frustration for a horizontal desire!

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